Firm Philosophy

We founded Hestia Capital in January, 2009, with less than one million dollars in AUM, based on the belief that we could build a truly exceptional firm based on a few simple principles:

  • Long-term focus: In an industry focused on monthly volatility and quarterly earnings, we can deliver long-term success for our firm and our Partners by focusing on the long-term prospects of our investments.
  • Differentiation: We look to exploit inefficiencies in the market by looking at companies most active managers avoid, employing an investment process and expertise many other managers don’t have.
  • Partnership: At Hestia Capital, the key word in “Limited Partner” is “Partner”. Successfully implementing a differentiated long-term strategy requires investors that understand and trust our approach.
  • Transparency: We build long-term trust with Partners through true transparency; we talk about our mistakes and what we don’t know as much as our successes and what we do know.
  • Growth: We strive to be better investors every day. We constantly self-assess, looking for ways to improve and evolve as investors and as a firm.

Investment Philosophy

Hestia Capital Partners is a deep value focused long/short fund, which seeks to maximize long-term, risk-adjusted, absolute returns; where risk is defined as the probability and magnitude of long-term loss of capital, not monthly variability. The core long-only deep value portfolio is augmented by a long/short extension portfolio which generally consists of investment ideas which originated from deep value research.